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What is Digital Transformation?

When a company that traditionally relied on analog and paper systems decides to adopt new technologies, they'll need a logical plan of action. Digital technologies require new training, planning for security, and new business models. Digital transformation strategies are plans of action for adopting new technology while retaining historical data and maintaining company culture. As we reckon with big data and the digitization of records, we'll need new business processes that account for things like machine learning and cloud computing. These digital strategies will allow organizations to come into the digital age with success.

Learn about Digital Transformation

Digital innovations require a knowledge base for creating digital business transformation. These systems include customer experiences, artificial intelligence, and innovations within the supply chain like IoT. When new transformation projects come down the pipeline, someone must understand the processes involved in making that change. edX offers courses and certifications in partnership with leaders in the field, designed to help you use data analytics and the internet of things to transform business operations. You could help mitigate the digital disruption for business leaders and guide their digital transformation journey.

Digital Transformation Courses and Certifications

Boston University offers a course in the basics of Digital Transformation designed to teach you the basics of the digital experience, including change management and the process for new products. It also helps you understand what to do with legacy technologies. KTH has a professional certification course designed as a comprehensive overview of the digital transformation initiative. You'll learn how to create digital change with both established and emerging technologies, and how to facilitate successful transformation with a logical roadmap. You can also take courses such as Microsoft's Planning and Developing Governance for Digital Transformation. It's designed to provide a reliable roadmap for the skillsets and key roles you'll need to pull off a full change in your business processes.

Build a Career in Digital Transformation Strategies

Facilitating digital transformation requires a solid knowledge of strategies for digitalization. Business strategies should consider new technologies and build on the expertise of those who can build a solid roadmap for full adoption without losing historical and cultural knowledge. You could experience a long and thriving career helping businesses make the transformation and survive the road to digitalization. It's a thriving discipline designed to help organizations succeed long term with plans, strategies, and care. Your understanding can pave the way.