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Robotics Courses

Learn robotics with online courses from some of the top universities in the world including the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia. Learn robotics engineering, dynamics, locomotion, machine learning and more.

learn robotics

learn robotics

What is Robotics?

The field of Robotic systems encompasses everything to do with the design, neural networks, engineering, programming, testing and development of robots, human robots, and collaborative robots to help humans perform daily activities. Robotics is growing rapidly with the advent of big data and the IoT and machines are now capable of processing large quantities of data and learning with minimal human interaction. Using autonomous vehicles as an example, the sensors on the vehicle process thousands of data points each second along with location data from the web to move the vehicle safely along its route. Robotics projects and applications can be found across a large number of industries from automotive production to military drone operations to landing on and exploring Mars. Even creating four-legged robots can help change the world with virtual reality data mapping and more.

Robotics for Beginners Course Overview

The University of Naples Federico II offers step by step foundation courses for robotics where you can learn the fundamentals of kinematics, differential kinematics and statics. The University of Columbia offers Robotics where you can learn core techniques for representing robots that perform physical tasks in the real world. It will cover the fundamentals of robotics, focusing on both the mind and the body.

Robotics Online Courses and Tutorials

Robotics courses cover multiple science, linear math and technology disciplines including machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, design and engineering. Online courses and programs are designed to introduce you to each of these areas and jump start your career in this exciting and rapidly expanding field.

The MicroMasters in Robotics from the University of Pennsylvania offers students the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of robotics from legendary professors at the GRASP (General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception) Laboratory. You will learn the math and robot programming tools required to build robots, from the assessment of a real-world problem to the design and development of a solution. The 4-course online robotics program covers visual intelligence, machine learning, robot dynamics and control and locomotion engineering and is equivalent to 30% of an on-campus Masters of Science in Engineering degree in Robotics.

Columbia University’s popular MicroMasters in Artificial Intelligence (AI) demonstrates how applications of machine learning can be used to solve complex problems. Learn how to manipulate robot arms including kinematic chains, forward and inverse kinematics, mobile robot map representations and gain experience planning complete robot systems.

Robotics Jobs

Gone are the days of pure science fiction for robots on earth and space. There are quite a few options for career paths in the field of industrial Robotics, from humanoid robot programming and engineering to construction, deployment, healthcare, automate management and maintenance. lists over 1,000 full-time positions with job titles such as Robotics Specialist, Robotics Technician, Mobile Robotics Application Engineer, Robotics Application Engineer and Lead Robotics Software Engineer. Some of the most in demand areas looking for candidates include California, Boston, Massachusetts, and China.While there are many positions in the exciting new era of robotics development and innovation, there is also huge demand for specialists that can maintain the millions of robotic machines already in use around the world. Almost all positions require advanced degrees or specializations in math and computer science and an internship will always lift you above the crowd when applying for that first job. Whether you are applying to Google, Microsoft, NASA, Lego, Amazon, or somewhere else, edX will help get you prepared. /p>

Explore a Career in Robotics

Get an introduction to robotics with one of many courses on edX and see if a job in the next generation robotics industry is right for you. Take a course in robotics fundamentals, machine learning or artificial intelligence and gain a clear understanding of the field and what you need to excel. Many courses are self-paced so you can enroll now and start today.